Worcester Brake Repair and Service

Brakes, Rotors, Pads

At Island Auto Repair we specialize in all brake problems from brake lights to brake noises. Brake pads are the most common repairs for automotive brake systems. Simple reasons are brake pads wear out, because they rub on the brake disc to stop the car. There are lots of other things like ABS (antilock brake system), sensors, master cylinders, rotors etc. that can fail.

Worcester Brake Repair and Service | Island Auto Repair

Possible causes for the ABS light to be on:

  • ABS control unit failure
  • Wheel sensor wire damage
  • Master cylinder failure
  • Leaking wheel cylinders
  • Warn disk brake rotors
  • Warn disk brake pads

Parts we recommend:

  • Wagner ThermoQuiet disc brake pads
  • Wagner disc brake rotors
  • Federated SST friction stop disc brake pads
  • Professional Grade disc brake rotor
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