Worcester Cooling Radiator Repairs and Flushing

Showing your radiator, you care by periodically flushing your antifreeze and coolant. This keeps your radiator chill and at a great temperature to control the operational condition of the engine. We have the latest snap on cooling system flush machine. Because without a proper function cooling system high heat levels produced by your engine will damage the engine itself. We have many options to repair your radiator, in most cases a new replacement with a 1-year warranty. Stop by Island Auto Repair with any questions or to see when your car needs critical service.

Worcester Cooling Radiator Repair | Island Auto Repair

Common Cooling System Problems:

  • Low coolant level
  • Discolored coolant
  • Engine overheats

Common Procedures:

  • Check coolant reservoir
  • Check pressure and holes
  • Refill the system
  • Inspect the system
  • Add sealant /lubricant to the coolant system
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